Individual Time Trial Result

DateWednesday 21 August 2019
EventPoole Wheelers Evening 10
CourseP459/10 Gallows Hill Wool Worgret Heath
Competition(s)Premier Ten League, First Division Ten League, Second Division Ten League, Third Division Ten League, Junior Ten League, Women's Ten League
WeatherSun & Cloud 18ºC WSW 2 1025 mb
Linked ResultHandicap Ten League
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Finishers to Display   
PositionRiderClubTimemphRatingPWRecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Tim Flynn Poole Wheelers 21:4227.65088.431 Premier 40
2Julian Lockwood Primera-Teamjobs 22:2926.68685.306  
3Nick Barks Poole Wheelers 22:5026.27783.910 Premier 39
4Paul Axon Poole Wheelers 23:0326.03083.045 Premier 38
5Dan Byrne Poole Wheelers 23:4025.35280.585Personal BestJunior 40
6Ben Whitcher Poole Wheelers 23:4125.33480.519Course BestPremier 37
7Scott Brimicombe Poole Wheelers 23:4625.24580.186 Premier 36
8Ben Gill Poole Wheelers 24:3624.39076.862Course Best1st Division 40 Junior 39
9Terry Icke CC Weymouth 24:4724.21076.130  
10Gary Trudgett Poole Wheelers 25:0323.95275.066Course Best2nd Division 40
11Mike Anderson CC Moncontour 25:0423.93675.000  
12Oliver Pettifer Poole Wheelers 26:1722.82870.146Personal Best2nd Division 39 Junior 38
13Terry Belbin Poole Wheelers 26:2722.68469.481 2nd Division 38
14Holly Ramsey Poole Wheelers 26:3622.55668.883 Junior 37 , Women's 40
15Ian Dryden Poole Wheelers 26:5722.26367.487 1st Division 39
15Sarah Bascombe Poole Wheelers 26:5722.26367.487Course Best3rd Division 40 Women's 39
17Nigel Rendell Poole Wheelers 27:3221.79265.160 2nd Division 37
18Phil Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 28:1921.18962.035  
19Digby Llewellyn Poole Wheelers 28:3820.95560.771Personal BestJunior 36
20Oliver Gill Poole Wheelers 29:2420.40857.713Personal BestJunior 35
21Suzy Watkins Poole Wheelers 30:1819.80254.122Course Best3rd Division 39 Women's 38
22Tim Shepherd Poole Wheelers 32:1418.61446.410 3rd Division 38
 Averages for event25:55 23.15171.579  
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