Ten League Competitions

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PositionPrevious Year PositionRiderCounting EventsCounting PointsTotal EventsTotal PointsMinimum Counting Event
1-Ryan Weston 6240935721/04/2021 P459/10 - 40 pts
2-Tim Flynn 6235831102/06/2021 P459/10 - 39 pts
3-Paul Axon 6230934002/06/2021 P459/10 - 38 pts
4-Phil Dickson 4150415009/06/2021 P459/10 - 37 pts
5-Steve Pink 28028009/06/2021 P459/10 - 40 pts
6-Mark Valentine 13913930/06/2021 P459/10 - 39 pts
6-Chris Weeks 13913923/06/2021 P459/10 - 39 pts

Premier 10 League Rules
Eligible RidersAny Poole Wheeler rider achieving a best rated 10 of 80 or better from previous season (follow link below for full details)
Events11 Evening Tens from April through August
Winning CriteriaFastest scratch time
Scoring for Individual Event40pts for 1st Premier rider, 39 for 2nd Premier rider etc 1 point if DNF
Scoring for Overall EventThe total points from the 6 highest scoring events

Click here for 2011 Ten League Rules
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