Inter Club Competitions

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    Team Standings
PositionPrevious Year PositionClubTotal RidersTotal Points
1 1Poole Wheelers 6272
2 2CC Weymouth 295
3 3Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 147

Individual Standings
PositionPrevious Year PositionRiderClubTotal EventsTotal Points
1-Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 150
2 8Luke Rendell Poole Wheelers 149
3-Nick Barks Poole Wheelers 148
4 17Rupert Silman Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 147
5 28Rob Flynn Poole Wheelers 146
6-Nick Ireland CC Weymouth 145
7 22Einar Thorsen Poole Wheelers 144
8-Ian Dryden Poole Wheelers 143
9-Ray Quarrie Poole Wheelers 142

Inter Club Points Competition Rules
Eligible RidersAny Rider from Poole Wheelers, CC Weymouth, Wessex RC, Bourenmouth Jubilee Wheelers
Events6 Club Events
Winning CriteriaFastest scratch time
Scoring for Individual Event50 pts for 1st eligible rider, 49 pts for 2nd eligible rider and 1pt for any eligible rider finishing 50th or below
Scoring for Overall EventTotal Points of all riders from competing club
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