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Latest Result - 29 Aug 2021 P459/10 Poole Wheelers Club 10 Latest Result - 29 Aug 2021 P459/20 Poole Wheelers Club 20
Rothwell Result - 29 Aug 2021 P459/10 Poole Wheelers Club 10 Rothwell Result - 29 Aug 2021 P459/20 Poole Wheelers Club 20
Ten League Result - 11 Aug 2021 P459/10 Poole Wheelers Evening 10 South DC Result - 18 Jul 2021 P413/25 Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 25
Handicap Result - 29 Aug 2021 P459/20 Poole Wheelers Club 20 Inter Club Result - 30 May 2021 P415 PW/BJW/BFCC Interclub 10

Welcome to the Poole Wheelers Results Service that provides a truly comprehensive breakdown of all time trial data matters.

It currently has details of the following time trial results since February 2004.
• All Poole Wheeler’s club events.
• Any individual open event in the
South DC with at least one Poole Wheeler finisher.
• Any team time trial with a Poole Wheeler Finisher since April 2004

*** Now expanded to include Cyclo-cross, Mountain Bike, Road Race, Sportive and Track results. ***


The main features accessed from the menu are 


Access individual or team time trial results for any season since 2004 that involve a Poole Wheeler.



Access either stats for riders, Club or Courses.

  • Rider’s Stats include results, best rated rides, fastest times, competition standings and various averages.
  • Club Stats includes best placed rider in Open Events, ranking of best rated and fastest rides, summary of team results, course bests since 2004 and all the trophy winners.
  • Course Stats include course details, records, best times by Poole Wheelers and averages for the courses that Poole Wheelers ride the most. 


Access either Club competitions, Inter Club competitions or Open Competitions.

  • Club Comps includes Rothwell, handicap league and various evening 10 leagues.
  • Inter Club Comps consists of Inter Club points competition and Inter Club Hill Climb competition.
  • Open comps consists of EDCA and South DC points comps for both individual and teams. 


Monthly Avearge Ratings chart from March 2004 onwards that illustrate the progress or lack of progress among the Wheeler pack.

Yearly Average Ratings shows the current or final standings from past seasons of the average Yearly Ratings chart and also yearly ratings in EDCA and Open South DC events.

Poole Wheelers Results Service