Course Details & Stats

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      Course Details
CourseDescriptionDistanceAscent (feet)Average Ascent PercentageDescent (feet)Average Descent Percentage100 Rated Time75 Rated Time50 Rated Time
P414C/R Gallows Hill - Worgret - Wareham - Lane End - Gallows Hill14.0005221.4115221.41126:4435:3844:33

Course Leg Details 
Leg NoStart EndDistanceRoad TypeAscent (feet)Ascent PercentageDescent (feet)Descent Percentage
1Gallows HillWorgret4.28Other B or Fast Unclassified Road750.3342291.017
2WorgretWareham Bypass0.52Other A or Fast B Road30.119321.190
3Wareham BypassWareham Railway1.08Fast A Road160.287360.632
4Wareham RailwayLane End Turning4.87Other B or Fast Unclassified Road2290.8931370.536
5Lane End TurningEnd of Lane End1.60Other Unclassified Road390.467290.350
6End of Lane EndGallows Hill1.65Other B or Fast Unclassified Road1571.805550.639

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