Course Details & Stats

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      Course Details
CourseDescriptionDistanceAscent (feet)Average Ascent PercentageDescent (feet)Average Descent Percentage100 Rated Time75 Rated Time50 Rated Time
P613/10 A303 Thruxton - Andover - Thruxton 10.0003641.3794891.85217:3723:2929:21

Course Leg Details 
Leg NoStart EndDistanceRoad TypeAscent (feet)Ascent PercentageDescent (feet)Descent Percentage
1StartStart of A3031.32Other A or Fast B Road00.0001472.123
2Start of A303A342 Rbt Turn4.29Dual Carriageway1571.3891571.389
3A342 Rbt TurnEnd of A3034.29Dual Carriageway1931.7081831.621
4End of A303Finish0.10Other B or Fast Unclassified Road132.50000.000

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