Individual Time Trial Result

DateSunday 8 October 2017
EventPurbeck Peleton Hill Climb
Competition(s)Rothwell, Inter Club Hill Climb
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PositionRiderClubTimemphRatingPWRecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Lewis Keightley Primera-Teamjobs 6:40.518.87691.563  
2Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 7:14.517.39984.479 IC Hill Climb 75
3James Horton VC St Raphael 7:16.617.31684.042  
4Bob Richardson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 7:17.417.28483.875 IC Hill Climb 74
5Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 7:21.417.12783.042 IC Hill Climb 73
6Phil Cole Mud Sweat N Gears CC 7:25.416.97482.208 IC Hill Climb 72
7Jon Brumfield Poundbury Cyclesport 7:27.416.89881.792  
8Steve Pink Poole Wheelers 7:41.516.38178.854 Rothwell 40 , IC Hill Climb 71
9Robert Koppenhol Purbeck Peloton 7:53.115.98076.438  
10John Williams Purbeck Peloton 7:55.915.88675.854  
11Martin Mitchell CC Weymouth 8:00.415.73774.917 IC Hill Climb 70
12Will Baker Purbeck Peloton 8:04.415.60774.083  
13Glyn Rossant Purbeck Peloton 8:05.015.58873.958  
14Simon Chainey Mud Sweat N Gears CC 8:05.315.57873.896 IC Hill Climb 69
15Steve Oliver CC Weymouth 8:07.115.52073.521 IC Hill Climb 68
16Derek Hunt Purbeck Peloton 8:14.015.30472.083  
17Greg Parker CC Weymouth 8:16.715.22071.521 IC Hill Climb 67
18Mark Singleton Purbeck Peloton 8:16.815.21771.500  
19Steve Gordon Purbeck Peloton 8:17.915.18471.271  
20Luke Hardiman Purbeck Peloton 8:18.515.16571.146  
21Nick Pyman Purbeck Peloton 8:19.215.14471.000  
22Dan Byrne Poole Wheelers 8:21.715.06970.479Course BestRothwell 39 , IC Hill Climb 66
23Justin Loveland CC Weymouth 8:22.615.04270.292 IC Hill Climb 65
24Paul Waite Purbeck Peloton 8:24.314.99169.938  
25Jason Jenner Purbeck Peloton 8:39.314.55866.813  
26Brian Holmes Unattached 8:41.114.50866.438  
27Darren Orchard Mud Sweat N Gears CC 8:42.114.48066.229 IC Hill Climb 64
28Rob Wickham Poole Wheelers 8:43.814.43365.875 Rothwell 38 , IC Hill Climb 63
29Mike Kerslake Mud Sweat N Gears CC 8:53.914.16063.771 IC Hill Climb 62
30Emily Hingston Purbeck Peloton 8:54.014.15763.750  
31Alex Adams Mud Sweat N Gears CC 8:56.514.09163.229 IC Hill Climb 61
32Chris Hoare Purbeck Peloton 8:57.414.06863.042  
33Gordon Scott CC Weymouth 8:59.514.01362.604 IC Hill Climb 60
34Mark Simpson Purbeck Peloton 9:05.613.85661.333  
35Jacqui Seal Purbeck Peloton 9:07.413.81160.958  
36Colin Brumble CC Weymouth 9:09.313.76360.563 IC Hill Climb 59
37Jeremy Munday Purbeck Peloton 9:22.113.45057.896  
38Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 9:23.613.41457.583 IC Hill Climb 58
39Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 9:37.013.10254.792 IC Hill Climb 57
40Andy Philps Purbeck Peloton 9:47.312.87252.646  
41Kevin Harris Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 9:49.412.82752.208 IC Hill Climb 56
42Anna Philps Purbeck Peloton 9:50.512.80351.979  
43Barry Fry Purbeck Peloton 10:04.212.51249.125  
44Colin Tebb Purbeck Peloton 10:21.412.16645.542  
45Stuart Wheeler Purbeck Peloton 10:28.312.03244.104  
46Helen Adams Mud Sweat N Gears CC 10:42.111.77441.229 IC Hill Climb 55
47Macrae Williams Purbeck Peloton 11:19.711.12333.396  
48Ben Baker Purbeck Peloton 12:18.710.23421.104  
 Averages for event08:43 14.45565.791  
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