Individual Time Trial Result

DateSunday 11 March 2018
EventPoole Wheelers Club 10
CourseP459/10 Gallows Hill Wool Worgret Heath
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PositionRiderClubTimemphRatingPWRecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Nick Barks Poole Wheelers (day) 25:1723.73174.136  
2Paul Axon Poole Wheelers 25:3823.40772.739Personal BestRothwell 40
3Glen Axon Poole Wheelers 27:1721.99166.157 Rothwell 39
4Kevin Di Marco Poole Wheelers (day) 27:4221.66164.495  
5Ben Salvia Poole Wheelers 27:5521.49363.630 Rothwell 38
6Andrea Heslington Poole Wheelers 30:1519.83554.322 Rothwell 37
7Ian White Poole Wheelers 32:0318.72147.141 Rothwell 36
 Averages for event28:01 21.41663.231  
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