Individual Time Trial Result

DateWednesday 30 May 2018
EventPoole Wheeler Evening 10
CourseP412/10 Lytchett Maravers A35 Bakers Arms Holes Bay Pikes Farm
Competition(s)Premier Ten League, First Division Ten League, Second Division Ten League, Third Division Ten League, Junior Ten League
WeatherHazy Sun & Cloud 17ºC ESE 1 1012 mb
Linked ResultHandicap Ten League
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PositionRiderClubTimemphRatingPWRecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Sam Wadsley Primera-Teamjobs 19:4230.45791.604  
2Luke Rendell Poole Wheelers 20:4228.98687.371Personal BestPremier 40
3Patryk Witkowski Poole Wheelers 20:5228.75486.665Course BestPremier 39
4Tim Flynn Poole Wheelers 20:5328.73186.595Personal BestPremier 38
5Bob Richardson Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 21:0228.52685.960  
6Barrie Watkinson Bournemouth Arrow CC 21:0528.45885.748  
7James Horton VC St Raphael 21:3027.90783.984  
8Mike Williams Poole Wheelers 21:3327.84283.772 Premier 37
9Thomas Piloni Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 21:4827.52382.714  
10Paul Axon Poole Wheelers 22:0627.14981.444Personal Best1st Division 40
11Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 22:1426.98780.880 Premier 36
12Nick Barks Poole Wheelers 22:2026.86680.456 Premier 35
13Colin Brumble CC Weymouth 22:3026.66779.751  
14Pete Wilson Bournemouth Arrow CC 23:1125.88176.858  
15Doug Parker Sid Valley CC 23:3325.47875.306  
16Toby Reeves Poole Wheelers 23:4925.19274.177Personal Best1st Division 39
17Glen Axon Poole Wheelers 23:5825.03573.542Personal Best1st Division 38
18Gail Brown Poole Wheelers 24:0124.98373.330Personal Best1st Division 37
18Nick Baugniet Poole Wheelers 24:0124.98373.330  
20Bob Ghandour Poole Wheelers 24:0624.89672.977Personal Best1st Division 36
21John Vinson Poole Wheelers 24:1324.77672.484 1st Division 35
22Stefan Webster Uni Bir Tri 24:1424.75972.413  
23Lauren Bishop Poole Wheelers 24:4224.29170.437Personal Best2nd Division 40
23Matt Laishley Poole Wheelers 24:4224.29170.437Personal Best2nd Division 40
25Ian Dryden Poole Wheelers 24:4324.27570.367Personal Best2nd Division 38
26Michelle Walter Bournemouth Arrow CC 24:4924.17769.944  
27Nigel Rendell Poole Wheelers 24:5224.12969.732Course Best2nd Division 37
28Howard Pankhurst Poole Wheelers 25:0123.98469.097 2nd Division 36
29Rob Tooley Poole Wheelers 25:0323.95268.956Personal Best 
30Terry Belbin Poole Wheelers 25:0523.92068.815 1st Division 34
31Gary Trudgett Poole Wheelers 25:1723.73167.968Course Best2nd Division 35
32Ray Quarrie Poole Wheelers 25:2223.65367.615Personal Best1st Division 33
33Phil Harvey Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 25:4023.37766.345  
34Dave Owen Poole Wheelers (day) 25:4723.27165.851  
35Willy Stocks Poole Wheelers 26:4822.38861.548Personal Best3rd Division 40
36Ellie Rendell Poole Wheelers 26:5722.26360.913Personal Best3rd Division 39
37Les Jessop Poole Wheelers 28:4420.88253.363 3rd Division 38
 Averages for event23:42 25.31674.669  
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