Individual Time Trial Result

DateWednesday 27 April 2022
EventPoole Wheelers Evening 10
CourseP459/10 Gallows Hill Wool Worgret Heath
Competition(s)Premier Ten League, First Division Ten League, Second Division Ten League, Junior Ten League, Third Division Ten League, Women's Ten League, Road Bike Ten League (Men's), Road Bike Ten League (Women's), Road Bike Ten League (Junior's), Road Bike Ten League (Vets Std), TT Bike Ten League (Vets Std)
WeatherSun 10ºC - 12ºC ENE 9 - 13 mph 1026 mb
Linked ResultHandicap Ten League
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Finishers to Display   
PositionRiderClubCategoryTimemphRatingVets +/-PWRecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Tom Day Elevate Home Solutions Soenens E19:4430.40596.277   
2Tom Clements Wessex Road Club V22:3726.52984.774+03:42  
3Alex Rowling Poole Wheelers  22:5626.16383.511  Premier 40, Rd Bke Men 40, HCP 10 Lge 37
3Angus Young Wessex Road Club  22:5626.16383.511   
5Tim Flynn Poole Wheelers  23:3525.44280.918  Premier 39, Rd Bke Men 39, HCP 10 Lge 36
6James Horton VC St Raphael  23:5225.14079.787   
7Oliver Gill Poole Wheelers Juv24:2024.65877.926  Jnr Lge 40
8Scott Brimicombe Poole Wheelers V24:3024.49077.261+02:26Season Best1st Div 40, TT Bke Vet 40, HCP 10 Lge 29
9Noah Miller Poole Wheelers  24:5124.14575.864  1st Div 39, Rd Bke Men 38, HCP 10 Lge 33
10Mike Naulls VC Venta V25:0323.95275.066+01:53  
11Chris Hill Poole Wheelers V25:2623.59173.537+01:46 1st Div 38, TT Bke Vet 39, HCP 10 Lge 32
12James Rowat Poole Wheelers (day) V25:2723.57673.471+00:56  
13Dorin Boeriu Ridgeway Riders V25:4723.27172.141+00:32  
14Paul Chapman Poole Wheelers V25:4923.24172.008+00:30 TT Bke Vet 37
15Robert Cranstone GS Vecchi V25:5823.10771.410+01:03  
16Holly Ramsey Brother UK - Team OnForm WJ25:5923.09271.343   
17Patrick Retallick Poole Wheelers  26:0822.95970.745  Rd Bke Men 37
18Alasdair Hitching Poole Wheelers  26:1222.90170.479 Personal BestRd Bke Men 36
19Ben Hitchcock North Dorset Tri Club V26:2122.77069.880+01:16  
19Craig Weston Poole Wheelers V26:2122.77069.880+01:09 Premier 38, TT Bke Vet 38, HCP 10 Lge 27
21Wayne Masterman Poole Wheelers V26:5622.27767.553-00:05 2nd Div 40, TT Bke Vet 36, HCP 10 Lge 32
22Dave Blagdon Poole Wheelers 27:2021.95165.957 Personal BestRd Bke Men 35
23Grace Upshall Poole Wheelers WJuv27:2921.83165.359  2nd Div 39, Wom Lge 40, Jnr Lge 39, HCP 10 Lge 39
24Rachel Hackman Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA WV28:3321.01661.104+01:35  
25Jonathan Terry Poole Wheelers V28:4320.89460.439-01:57 2nd Div 38, TT Bke Vet 34, HCP 10 Lge 40
26Phil Harvey Poole Wheelers V28:4520.87060.306-00:54 3rd Div 40, Rd Bke Men 34, Rd Bke Vet 39, HCP 10 Lge 28
27Vikki Marsden Poole Wheelers WV28:5220.78559.840-00:10Personal Best3rd Div 39, Wom Lge 39, Rd Bke Wom 40, Rd Bke Vet 40, HCP 10 Lge 38
28Rose Hughes Poole Wheelers W 29:3020.33957.314  Wom Lge 38, Rd Bke Wom 39
29Steve Baker Poole Wheelers V29:3320.30557.114-01:42 3rd Div 38, TT Bke Vet 35, HCP 10 Lge 35
30Terry Belbin Poole Wheelers V29:5420.06755.718-02:17 2nd Div 37, Rd Bke Men 33, Rd Bke Vet 38, HCP 10 Lge 30
31Emma Needham Poole Wheelers WV 30:0819.91254.787  3rd Div 37, Wom Lge 37, Rd Bke Wom 38, HCP 10 Lge 25
32Robbie Fall Poole Wheelers Juv30:1919.79154.056  3rd Div 36, Jnr Lge 38, Rd Bke Jnr 40, HCP 10 Lge 34
33George Terry Poole Wheelers Juv31:4018.94748.670  3rd Div 35, Jnr Lge 37, Rd Bke Jnr 39, HCP 10 Lge 26
34Andy Hale Poole Wheelers V32:2818.48045.479-06:14Personal BestRd Bke Men 32, Rd Bke Vet 37
35Clare Stockley Swanage Cycling WV33:0218.16343.218-03:44  
 Averages for event 26:46 22.41668.192   
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