Individual Time Trial Result

DateSunday 1 October 2023
EventPoole Wheelers Hill Climb
Competition(s)Rothwell, Hill Climb Championship
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Finishers to Display    PB - Personal Best at time, D(4) 4th fastest at Distance at present, CB - Course Best at time, C(3) 3rd fastest on Course at present & SB - Season Best
PositionRiderClubCategoryTimemphRatingVets +/-Rider RecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Tom Nancarrow Poole Wheelers  2:21.313.24196.328 C(1) Hill Climb 1, Rothwell 40
2Alasdair Hitchen Poole Wheelers  2:28.112.63592.955 CB C(1) Hill Climb 2, Rothwell 39
3Brett Wheeler Unattached  2:31.512.35191.259   
4Matthew Stanbury Speed Donuts  2:36.811.99489.015   
5Rufus King Poole Wheelers J2:41.211.60686.423 C(2) Hill Climb 3, Rothwell 38
6Ashley Newman Primera-Teamjobs  2:43.211.46685.438   
7Robbie Fall Poole Wheelers J2:59.210.44277.478 C(2) Hill Climb 4, Rothwell 37
8Noah Miller-Pipe Poole Wheelers  3:04.610.13774.791 C(5) Hill Climb 5, Rothwell 36
9Ned Popham Poole Wheelers  3:06.410.04073.900 C(1) Hill Climb 6, Rothwell 35
10James Rowat Poole Wheelers V3:15.89.56069.244 C(2) Hill Climb 7, Rothwell 34
11Clive Hillsdon Speed Donuts  3:21.69.31166.637   
12Tim Flynn Poole Wheelers  3:24.19.17665.169 C(3) Hill Climb 8, Rothwell 33
13George Terry Poole Wheelers Juv3:36.88.63258.766 C(3) Hill Climb 9, Rothwell 32
14Rob Wickham Poole Wheelers V3:36.98.62858.721 CB C(1) Hill Climb 10, Rothwell 31
15Ben Ansell Poole Wheelers V4:05.17.63544.687 C(2) Hill Climb 11, Rothwell 30
16Tim Boreham Poole Wheelers  4:10.47.47442.050 C(1) Hill Climb 12, Rothwell 29
17Darren Elbrow Poole Wheelers V4:13.67.38140.483 CB C(1) Hill Climb 13, Rothwell 28
18Pete Watkins Poole Wheelers V4:21.97.14736.363 CB C(1) Hill Climb 14, Rothwell 27
19Darrel Vincent Poole Wheelers  4:23.67.11635.791 C(1) Hill Climb 15, Rothwell 26
20Michael Ashurst RAF CA V4:45.56.55524.582   
 Averages for event 03:22 9.26765.504   
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