Individual Time Trial Result

DateWednesday 12 June 2024
EventPoole Wheelers Evening 10
CourseP459/10 Gallows Hill Wool Worgret Heath
Competition(s)Premier Ten League, First Division Ten League, Second Division Ten League, Junior Ten League, Third Division Ten League, Women's Ten League, Road Bike Ten League (Men's), Road Bike Ten League (Vets Std), TT Bike Ten League (Vets Std)
WeatherSun 15ºC WSW 6-9 mph 1020 mb
Linked ResultHandicap Ten League
Previous Year Result14 Jun 2023 Poole Wheelers Evening 10
Finishers to Display    PB - Personal Best at time, D(4) 4th fastest at Distance at present, CB - Course Best at time, C(3) 3rd fastest on Course at present & SB - Season Best
PositionRiderClubCategoryTimemphRatingVets +/-Rider RecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Brett Wheeler Poole Wheelers 20:2829.31693.351 PB D(1) CB C(1) Premier 40, Rd Bke Men 40, HCP 10 Lge 40
2Tom Nancarrow Poole Wheelers 21:2727.97289.428 D(3) CB C(1) SBPremier 39, Rd Bke Men 39, HCP 10 Lge 39
3Dan Newman Poole Wheelers E22:2226.82685.771 D(3) CB C(1) SBPremier 38, Rd Bke Men 38, HCP 10 Lge 38
4Tim Flynn Poole Wheelers 22:4126.45184.508  Premier 37, Rd Bke Men 37, HCP 10 Lge 34
5Robert Fall Poole Wheelers J 23:5525.08779.588 D(4) C(3) 1st Div 40, Jnr Lge 40, HCP 10 Lge 33
6Lee Chalk Poole Wheelers 23:5625.07079.521 C(9) Premier 36, HCP 10 Lge 31
7James Rowat Poole Wheelers V 23:5725.05279.45523:38D(5) CB C(2) SB1st Div 39, TT Bke Vet 39, HCP 10 Lge 35
8Will Calton Hub 24:1524.74278.258   
9Scott Brimicombe Poole Wheelers V 24:3824.35776.72924:19C(8) SBPremier 35, TT Bke Vet 37, HCP 10 Lge 26
10Chris Tiernan Bournemouth Cycleworks 24:4424.25976.330   
11Iain Binsley Poole Wheelers V 24:5924.01675.33224:16D(5) C(5) 1st Div 38, TT Bke Vet 38, HCP 10 Lge 25
12Oliver Drew Poole Wheelers V 25:1223.81074.46825:12C(7) 1st Div 37, TT Bke Vet 34, HCP 10 Lge 24
13Ben Ansell Poole Wheelers V 25:3123.51473.20524:42D(6) C(4) 2nd Div 40, Rd Bke Men 36, Rd Bke Vet 40, HCP 10 Lge 27
14Nathan Willmington Poole Wheelers V 25:3523.45372.93925:02 Premier 34, Rd Bke Men 35, Rd Bke Vet 39, HCP 10 Lge 23
15Chris Jones Poole Wheelers V 25:3823.40772.73925:36C(2) 1st Div 36, TT Bke Vet 33, HCP 10 Lge 37
16Alexander Cobbett Poole Wheelers V 25:4023.37772.60624:38PB D(1) CB C(1) 2nd Div 39, TT Bke Vet 36, HCP 10 Lge 28
17Nick Pyman Poole Wheelers V 25:4923.24172.00825:41PB D(1) CB C(1) 1st Div 35, Rd Bke Men 34, Rd Bke Vet 38, HCP 10 Lge 32
18Michelle Lindley Poole Wheelers WV 25:5223.19671.80923:03C(4) 1st Div 34, Wom Lge 40, TT Bke Vet 40, HCP 10 Lge 29
19Daniel Blagden Poole Wheelers (day) V 26:2822.67069.41526:00  
20Grace Upshall Shibden Apex RT WJuv26:3022.64269.282   
21Greg Harding Purbeck Peloton V 26:4322.45868.41824:38  
21Terry Belbin Poole Wheelers V 26:4322.45868.41824:56 2nd Div 38, TT Bke Vet 35, HCP 10 Lge 31
23David Neal Zoom Triathlon Club V 26:4722.40268.15223:51  
24Amy Yeoman Poole Wheelers (day) W 26:5122.34667.886   
25Nick Harding Poole Wheelers (day)  27:0322.18167.088   
26Gordon Scott CC Weymouth V 27:2621.87165.55925:12  
27Bill Curry Poole Wheelers V 28:4820.83360.10628:33PB D(1) CB C(1) Rd Bke Men 33, Rd Bke Vet 36
28Jonathan Watts Poole Wheelers V 28:4920.82160.04027:54PB D(1) CB C(1) 3rd Div 40, Rd Bke Men 32, Rd Bke Vet 37, HCP 10 Lge 36
29Matilde Blagden Poole Wheelers (day) WJuv29:3320.30557.114   
30Jane neal Zoom Triathlon Club WV 29:5220.08955.85124:13  
31Michael Ashurst Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA V 30:3419.62953.05926:50  
 Averages for event 25:46 23.28672.208   
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