Individual Time Trial Result

DateWednesday 20 August 2014
EventPoole Wheelers Evening 10
CourseP402C Upton Bakers Arms Upton X2
Competition(s)Premier Ten League, First Division Ten League, Second Division Ten League, Third Division Ten League, Junior Ten League
Linked ResultHandicap Ten League
Previous Year Result21 Aug 2013 Poole Wheelers Evening 10
Finishers to Display   
PositionRiderClubTimemphRatingPWRecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Paul Jones 21:3327.84284.791  
2Wayne Pitman Poole Wheelers 22:0127.25282.837Course BestPremier 40
3Mark Valentine Poole Wheelers 22:2326.80681.302Course BestPremier 39
4Sam Wadsley Poole Wheelers 22:3026.66780.814Course Best1st Division 40 Junior 40
5Jim Hardwicke Bournemouth Arrow CC 22:3126.64780.744  
6Darren Lewis Poole Wheelers 23:0525.99378.372 Premier 38
6Les Pick Poole Wheelers 23:0525.99378.372 Premier 38
8Neil Watts Fit to Ride 23:1025.89978.023  
9Mark Denney Poole Wheelers 23:1425.82577.744 Premier 36
10Mark Hardwicke Bournemouth Arrow CC 23:2925.55076.698  
11Richard Porter CC Weymouth 23:3025.53276.628  
12Jack Hardwicke Bournemouth Arrow CC 24:0224.96574.395  
13Martin Rattue Poole Wheelers 24:1024.82873.837Course Best1st Division 39
14Marc Wilmington Poole Wheelers 24:1324.77673.628 1st Division 38
15Craig Weston Poole Wheelers 24:2924.50672.512 1st Division 37
16Martin Aldridge Poole Wheelers 24:3524.40772.093 Premier 35
17Gary Tuskin Poole Wheelers 24:5524.08070.698 1st Division 36
18Phillip Grounds Poole Wheelers (day) 25:0223.96870.209  
19Denzil Hunt Poole Wheelers 25:1723.73169.163 1st Division 35
20Fred Newton Wessex Road Club 26:5222.33362.535  
21Conal Low-Grier Portsmouth North End CC 27:1921.96560.651  
22Becky Dickens Fit to Ride 27:2521.88460.233  
23Einar Thorsen Poole Wheelers 28:1121.28957.023Course Best3rd Division 40
24Murray Janes Poole Wheelers 28:4920.82154.372 3rd Division 39
25Pete Cotty Poole Wheelers 29:1520.51352.558 3rd Division 38
 Averages for event24:36 24.39072.009  
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