Individual Time Trial Result

DateSunday 21 September 2014
EventBournemouth Jubilee Whs Hill Climb
Competition(s), Inter Club Hill Climb
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Previous Year Result22 Sep 2013 Bournemouth Jubilee Whs Hill Climb
Finishers to Display   
PositionRiderClubTimemphRatingPWRecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Lewis Keightley 1:59.113.89694.442  
2Simon McLaughlin Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 2:04.913.34591.461 IC Hill Climb 75
3Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers 2:04.113.34391.448Course BestIC Hill Climb 74
4James Horton Cannondale Racing 2:05.613.18490.539  
5Harrison Fielding Peter Hansford Racing 2:05.813.15790.388  
6Kawin Phosarat UK Bike Park 2:09.212.80988.315  
7John Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 2:09.612.77188.079 IC Hill Climb 73
8Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 2:09.912.74087.891 IC Hill Climb 72
9Rob Midmore Mud Sweat N Gears CC 2:15.312.23484.630 IC Hill Climb 71
10Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 2:17.012.08883.636 IC Hill Climb 70
11John Vinson Poole Wheelers 2:17.212.07083.515Course BestIC Hill Climb 69
12Alistair Fielding Poole Wheelers 2:19.511.87082.115Course BestIC Hill Climb 68
13Wayne Pitman Poole Wheelers 2:22.811.58980.067Course BestIC Hill Climb 67
14Dan Haskins Mud Sweat N Gears CC 2:23.711.52479.576 IC Hill Climb 66
15Joe Brindley Mud Sweat N Gears CC 2:25.111.41278.721 IC Hill Climb 65
16Steve Pink CC Weymouth 2:26.411.30577.891 IC Hill Climb 64
17Andrew Leach Mud Sweat N Gears CC 2:26.511.30177.855 IC Hill Climb 63
18John O'Brien Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 2:26.611.29577.812 IC Hill Climb 62
19David Avenell Unattached 2:28.611.14376.600  
20Sam Wadsley Poole Wheelers 2:29.511.07276.018Course BestIC Hill Climb 61
21Rob Wood Mud Sweat N Gears CC 2:29.811.05375.867 IC Hill Climb 60
22Rupert Silman Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 2:30.610.99375.370 IC Hill Climb 59
23Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 2:33.210.80973.818 IC Hill Climb 58
24Stuart Ricketts Unattached 2:38.210.46670.776  
25Brandon King CC Weymouth 2:40.210.33369.539 IC Hill Climb 57
26Richard Porter CC Weymouth 2:40.410.31969.406 IC Hill Climb 56
27Conal Low-Grier Portsmouth North End CC 2:43.810.11067.394  
28Eve Jefferies Poole Wheelers 2:46.29.96165.909Course BestIC Hill Climb 55
29William Clark Poole Wheelers 2:51.29.67262.897 IC Hill Climb 54
30Dean Paulley Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 2:52.39.61062.230 IC Hill Climb 53
31Alison Ford VC Meudon 2:53.49.54961.564  
32Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 2:55.59.43660.303 IC Hill Climb 52
33Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 2:56.19.40359.933 IC Hill Climb 51
34Jeremy Guy CC Weymouth 2:57.59.32759.067 IC Hill Climb 50
35Kevin Harris Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 2:59.89.20957.685 IC Hill Climb 49
36Mark Fagg Mud Sweat N Gears CC 3:01.69.11556.564 IC Hill Climb 48
37Chris Kelly Poole Wheelers 3:04.18.99555.091 IC Hill Climb 47
38Jack Clough Unattached 3:04.78.96454.709  
39Rob Paulley Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 3:04.88.95854.630 IC Hill Climb 46
40Phil Smith CC Weymouth 3:12.18.61750.200 IC Hill Climb 45
41Einar Thorsen Poole Wheelers 3:14.98.53249.036 IC Hill Climb 44
42Sarah Wise Mud Sweat N Gears CC 3:14.28.52748.970 IC Hill Climb 43
43Howard Pankhurst Poole Wheelers 3:18.48.34346.376 IC Hill Climb 42
44Nikki Samways Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 3:22.38.18544.048 IC Hill Climb 41
45Andrew Preston CC Weymouth 3:28.07.96240.606 IC Hill Climb 40
46Matthew Pye Mud Sweat N Gears CC 3:33.37.76037.339 IC Hill Climb 39
47Pete Grounds Poole Wheelers 3:51.47.15626.412 IC Hill Climb 38
 Averages for event02:40 10.35068.867  
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