Individual Time Trial Result

DateSunday 28 September 2014
EventCC Weymouth Hill Climb
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Previous Year Result29 Sep 2013 CC Weymouth Hill Climb
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PositionRiderClubTimemphRatingPWRecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Calum Croft Mud Sweat N Gears CC 4:32.515.85396.391  
2James Horton Cannondale Racing 4:40.415.40794.115  
3Simon McLaughlin Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 4:46.215.09092.416  
4Ryan Weston Poole Wheelers 4:48.114.99491.888Course Best 
5Patrick Dunn CC Weymouth 4:53.814.70290.241  
6Giles Greening Mud Sweat N Gears CC 4:57.514.52189.180  
7Martin Rowland Poole Wheelers 4:58.614.46788.862  
8Rob Midmore Mud Sweat N Gears CC 4:59.214.43488.666  
9Bryce Riglar CC Weymouth 5:01.414.35088.162  
10Andrew Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 5:11.413.87185.164  
11Steve Pink CC Weymouth 5:14.613.72884.224Course Best 
12Wayne Roberts CC Weymouth 5:16.813.63683.612  
13David Boss Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:17.313.61283.454  
14John Vinson Poole Wheelers 5:20.113.49482.649Course Best 
15Matt Ings Cycleccino 5:20.413.48182.560  
16Matt Norris Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:20.813.46482.447  
17Jon Brumfield CC Weymouth 5:21.313.44582.317  
18Richard Porter CC Weymouth 5:22.213.40582.040  
19Phil Cole Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:27.113.20580.633  
20Alex Adams Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:27.513.18880.512  
21Alex Evans Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:31.313.03879.424  
22Andrew Leach Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:31.513.03179.369  
23Dan Haskins Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:32.113.00879.202  
24Alistair Fielding Poole Wheelers 5:33.512.95078.775Course Best 
25John O'Brien Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 5:33.612.94878.755  
26Simon Cheney Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:34.812.90278.414  
27Nick Voss Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:41.812.63676.384  
28Steve Oliver CC Weymouth 5:42.312.61876.239  
29Michael Watts Mud Sweat N Gears CC 5:42.712.60576.136  
30Justin Loveland CC Weymouth (Day member) 5:49.112.37174.272Course Best 
31Tim Lee CC Weymouth (Day member) 5:50.412.32773.906  
32Matt Child Poole Wheelers 5:52.712.24673.237  
33Jude Hatcher CC Weymouth (Day member) 5:55.612.14672.400  
34Andrew Jardine CC Weymouth 5:55.712.14372.380  
35Brandon King CC Weymouth 6:01.111.96170.819  
36John Chapman CC Weymouth 6:02.711.90970.358  
37Peter Loakes CC Weymouth (Day member) 6:11.211.63767.917  
38Ian Manley CC Weymouth (Day member) 6:11.611.62567.802  
39Matthew Merritt CC Weymouth 6:14.211.54367.043  
40Conal Low-Grier Portsmouth North End CC 6:15.111.51466.775  
41Jeremy Guy CC Weymouth 6:25.411.20963.827  
42Alison Ford VC Meudon 6:26.211.18463.579  
43Kevin Harris Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 6:34.810.94161.098  
44Gordon Skillen Poole Wheelers 6:35.410.92360.916  
45Phil Smith CC Weymouth 6:36.910.88360.495  
46Andrew Jackson CC Weymouth 6:41.610.75559.128  
47Stu Pearson Mud Sweat N Gears CC 6:42.410.73358.900  
48Louisa Cooper Bournemouth Jubilee Whs 6:44.110.69058.427  
49Luke Dighton Poole Wheelers 6:46.710.63957.864Course Best 
50Philip Clive CC Weymouth 6:50.310.52756.621  
51Chris Chapman Mud Sweat N Gears CC 6:51.510.49756.287  
52Adam Bayliss Cycleccino 6:53.610.44355.666  
53James Margary CC Weymouth 6:55.610.40855.271  
54Nick Ireland CC Weymouth 6:58.410.32454.293  
55Steve Trigwell CC Weymouth 7:00.210.28053.777  
56Aarron Bevis Mud Sweat N Gears CC 7:07.710.09951.605  
57Andrew Preston CC Weymouth 7:09.410.05851.109  
58Matthew Pye Mud Sweat N Gears CC 7:26.99.66546.063  
59Richard Bibby Cycleccino 7:30.59.58845.037  
60Antony Hood Mud Sweat N Gears CC 7:34.79.50043.822  
61Wayne Fordham Mud Sweat N Gears CC 7:35.89.47643.499  
62Pete Grounds Poole Wheelers 7:41.89.35341.771  
63Kevin Stibb Mud Sweat N Gears CC 7:49.89.19539.475  
64William Wilson CC Weymouth 8:11.48.79033.224  
65Brian Sands CC Weymouth 8:20.88.62530.515  
66Stuart Carrington CC Weymouth 8:55.38.07020.578  
67Edmund Carrington CC Weymouth 11:48.46.098-29.361  
 Averages for event06:13 11.58267.203  
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